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Coffee Blends


Producing a sweet, strong aftertaste toward the back of the palate, this piquant flavour is delivered from medium roast beans, which also yields a traditional, velvety “crema”.

Taspresso Organic

The premium Taspresso bean blend made from certified organic beans sourced from all over the planet, from licensed organic coffee farmers.

Barrista Choice

A fragrant, mild and flavoursome coffee which delivers a clean mouth feel, when drunken in a “caffe latte” or “espresso”. This satisfying blend is fittingly drunk at any time of the day.


This suiting post afternoon coffee is both full bodied and rich, delivering qualities which awaken the senses and revitalise the palate with its fruity yet mild taste.


A decadent and lasting mouth taste; Mild enough to be consumed all day, however also both flavoursome and pleasing to fulfil an appetite with its chocolatey relish.


Our certified decaffeinated Swiss washed beans produce pure decaffeinated blends, which deliver the same satisfying coffee feel, with the benefit of being 99% caffeine free.

Salamanca Gold

This all-round capable medium roast blend is suitable for all styles of coffee making, including percolator, drip filter and plunger – The fragrant, sweet and exotic flavours diminish all bitterness and produces coffee quality of pure gold.


This blend of coffee is specifically designed for use in conjunction with the home espresso machine. The use of this blend is paramount for the home coffee buff. Suitably drunken in a “cappuccino”, “caffe latte” or “espresso” this blend produces a rich, silky, full bodied punch without the need to leave the comfort of your own home.

Gusto Italiano

A strong coffee with a superb flavour, it was originally developed especially for the local Italian community.  This is  a coffee with fruity, cherry flavours and hints of caramel and malt. It has a low to medium acidity and a bold body.

Gusto Italiano -Extra

Nicknamed,”The Fire Fighters Blend” because its high caffeine levels appeal to shift workers – including fire fighters! This coffee blend has a high percentage of Robusta beans lending it that caffeine kick. However,  this super-charged coffee has a mild flavour and wide appeal.

Retro Gusto

Only available online for coffee drinkers at home, this unique coffee blend is rich and strong with a pronounced body and medium to high acidity. The flavour is clean and balanced with distinct fruit and nut characteristics.